After-sales service commitment

After years of exploration, we have been enlarged and strengthened continuously. We take the lead in development and updating our key products and reach the highest technical level in China. Moreover, our products are exported to East Europe, the USA, and Southeast Asia.
My company's technical strength, production capacity is fully capable to ensure product quality and duration. We solemnly promise:

1.      To create customer profiles, including customer information, their individual needs, preferences, and their specific product samples, parameters, and so on;

2.      It is our great Horner to receive calls, letters as well as on-site visit from our customers. Aiming at providing the best customer service, we will find the best solution in regards of any kind of issues raised by customers. 

3 .     For all our products, before leaving the factory, we will test to ensure all the products are 100% qualified. As well as consistently achieve financial performance above both industry average and the minimum expectations of our shareholders.

4.      After completing the producing process, we will notify our customers first before all the products’ shipment. Meanwhile, we will include all the quality certification documents as well as receipt information together with customer’s products.

5.      Support manufacturers who actively assist in satisfying our customers' needs to the benefit of all.